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 OBD Tracking System
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OBD Tracking System

£156.00 (inc. VAT)

Plug & Play Tracker

Plug it in and track the vehicle instantly

The OBD3 offers the latest features in tracking technology at a competitive price. A key feature of the OBD3 is that it is plug and play; it can be installed to a vehicle's OBD-II port in just seconds. Couple this with its compact design and GNSS + GPS module and you get a tracker that maximises price and function. OBD-II ports have been standard on vehicles manufactured post-1996 and are used primarily to read data from the vehicles on-board computer. The OBD3 utilises this port to power and securely mount the tracker in the vehicle. Even with its compact Plug & Play design, the OBD3 is still packed full of features such as ignition detection, movement detection, battery voltage reading and position updates a low as every ten seconds. The OBD3 also features our new Dynamic Energy Saving technology, which keeps the current draw to the absolute minimum with improved algorithms that provide a more accurate power saving calculation. We use Teltonika units - the market leader in telematics in Europe to combine the latest technology in vehicle tracking and telematics into a single compact unit.

Works out of the box -The system is delivered and ready to use straight away. Once connected the tracking data will start immediately and be available to view on the easy to use App.

Tracking Platform and mobile App – With every tracker comes a user name and password, enabling the operator to instantly log on to the live tracking platform from any device and see the target vehicle live on screen or look back at stored data. All vehicle data is stored for up to 12 months on our cloud-based server and available to the user on demand. Data stored every 30 seconds - vehicle location, speed, altitude, ignition status, voltage, journey start and stop times, input status.

Geo Fence - this function can alert the operator when the vehicle enters or leaves a set area around a specific location. Can be used to report – time left and returned home, enter a restricted area, notification of arrival and notification of unauthorised movement.

Alerts - The tracker can generate alerts and flag or send a text should an alert occur – Over speeding,excessive idling or Geo Fence.Roaming Sim – Like your mobile phone the tracker operates over the mobile network to send and receive all its data, but unlike your mobile phone the tracker has a multi

Roaming Sim - The roaming sim card works on all available mobile networks throughout the world, so no matter where you are the tracker will always connect to the strongest network at no extra cost.

Network Charges - Like a mobile phone, a tracker requires a monthly network charge so that all data can be sent live to and from the tracking platform. This is where LIVE

TELEMATICS really excel as our monthly charge is only £5.50 +vat per month (fully roaming sim).

This system is sold with the first six months network or Sim & Server subscription included in the price with a minimum 12 month agreement

Dash cameras - Please select the power connection required. Plug & Play dose not require an installation, it simply plug into the vehicles accessey socket. Hard wired requires connection to the vehicles fuse box or power supply.

Trackers - OBD tracker dose not require an installation, it simply plug into the vehicles accessey socket. Fleet & 1204 trackers are hard wired and require conection to the vehicles fuse box or power supply.

Please allow 3-7 working days for delivery.

Before returning any equipment, please call and obtain a RMA number and Return address.

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