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Dash Cam & Tracker Mini Bus Special Offer
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Dash Cam & Tracker Mini Bus Special Offer

£355.00 (inc. VAT)

Mini Bus Specia Offer.

Two professional systems supplied and installed for one low cost.

Full Two Year Warranty.

First Six Months Free Tracking.

Unlike CCTV, dash cameras do not permanently store video files. Files are overwritten every few hours depending on the memory size. This means they conform to privacy laws and infringements. 

Most public transport vehicles have had to install CCTV cameras to reduce the growing number of passenger injury claims and vandalism. The cameras provide vital evidence as to where the blame actually lays. The camera records in full HD1080dp ever time the vehicles ignition is turned on and keeps recording for the entire journey. The system is totally legal provided a sticker is displayed informing passengers there is a system in operation.

School Mini Busses and Private hire.

Often overlooked but just as important. Passengers who cause damage or disruption can be held to account and in the event of an accident any passenger not correctly strapped in or stood will possibly sustain a greater, disproportionate degree of injury. By fitting a modern quality dash camera these situations can be highlighted and used as evidence in the event of a claim.

Tracking system. Todays tracking systems are more accurate and user friendly. They record all data from a journey, vehicle speed, route taken, start and arrival time. Again, in the event of an accident the speed is usually the contributing factor and while it might not be your drivers fault, if their speed is to high the blame will fall on them. The only real way to prove the speed at any given time is with a modern vehicle tracking system. As all data is stored for twelve months all journeys can be historically reviewed to ensure driver compliance and future passenger safety.

Special School Mini Bus Offer (limited period).

Cameras4Cars have a combined package of both systems, Professional Dash Camera and Professional Tracking system. We will install these systems professionally to Mpt1362 Standards with no permanent damage to the vehicle (according to lease terms and conditions). In accordance with road traffic regulations.

In the event of an accident or near miss, the data from the cameras and tracker can be reviewed to see What!....How! …& Who was responsible.
• Drivers can be covertly and historically assessed for safety.
• Passengers can be monitored for compliance.
• System will save and send an alert for overspeed & accident.
• All accident files are locked until formatted.
• Greatly reduces risk.
• Provides vital evidence.
• Quickly identifies potential risk factors.
• Stores all driving data: - day, date, time, location, speed and route taken. Updates every 30 seconds.
• System can be removed when vehicle is replaced.

The Dash Camera: with Anti tamper case.
Forward and Driver / Passenger recording cameras

Think ware F100 dual system with full HD1080dp, self-formatting and locking SD card. First camera is installed to look through the front screen, recording all forward video. The second camera is mounted to record the passengers. Both cameras record on to the same sd card which is locked to stop unauthorised removal.

The Tracker:

Live Telematics tracking system is used by fleet managers to return vital data and logistic information. The system has the ability to store and display live vehicle information. The data is sent via the mobile network to the Live Telematics server were customer log in and view in real time or review stored journey files. The system cam generates reports to show the drivers/ vehicle statistics in a spread sheet form. The tracking system can also send priority SMS/ text alerts to any stored number in the
event of an accident or high impact. The system can also be configured to receive inputs from accessories and remotely out put a switched device. The user can login from any device smart phone, tablet or PC to the secure web based platform 24/7

Like a mobile phone the tracking system works by sending data over the mobile network, this like a phone results in a monthly nework bill. Live telematics have condensed the standing and data charge to just £5.50 + vat per month. With full european access at all times included with no hidden extra charges...And the first six months free tracking...

Dash cameras - Please select the power connection required. Plug & Play dose not require an installation, it simply plug into the vehicles accessey socket. Hard wired requires connection to the vehicles fuse box or power supply.

Trackers - OBD tracker dose not require an installation, it simply plug into the vehicles accessey socket. Fleet & 1204 trackers are hard wired and require conection to the vehicles fuse box or power supply.

Please allow 3-7 working days for delivery.

Before returning any equipment, please call and obtain a RMA number and Return address.

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