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AMPIRE Can-Firewall engine immobiliser
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AMPIRE Can-Firewall engine immobiliser

£251.00 (inc. VAT)

Price includes Vat & On site Installation.

Please call before purchase to check vehicle compatability  (engineer - 0753 8879911)


CAN-FIREWALL - the Smart Immobilser

STOP! Keyless Entry Theft

The code is made by from the buttons on your dash and steering wheel which you can change at any time....

The CAN BUS FIREWALL is probably the first retrofittable immobiliser that communicates bi-directionally over the CAN BUS data system. This digital immobiliser helps protects your car from theft, Key cloning, Keyless range extension, learning vehicle keys, hacking the key code from the vehicle key, and even stealing the owners key. Only towing the car is still possible because a car thief will never be able to drive away with your car. The new WFS400 and WFS400-SMART is the second generation of the CAN BUS FIREWALL protection, and is a vastly improved version on its predecessor in many ways, and in its functionality.

The WFS400 no longer requires additional remote controls, transponders or driver cards. No flashing LED or keypads can lead to where about’s the installation of the device is located in your vehicle. In addition, the electronics are extremely compact, so the installation can be covertly hidden within the vehicles wiring harness. The system is armed automatically when the ignition is switched off.

To disarm the system, you have use existing switches within your vehicle. You can designate your code using buttons on the steering wheel, the navigation or in the dash (the buttons available are vehicle specific, these are listed in the compatibility list. You must enter this code before each trip. The combination you choose is like entering the PIN of your credit/debit card.

In addition to the WFS400 we have the WFS400-SMART with Bluetooth technology. You can deactivate this immobiliser either by switches in your car or wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can either use the supplied Bluetooth transponder or an Apple iOS / Android smartphone. The WFS400-SMART is suitable for regularly used vehicles, because a the Bluetooth transmission it increases the power consumption of the immobiliser.

We recommend to purchase and install the system by an professional authorized dealer in your area.

Dash cameras - Please select the power connection required. Plug & Play dose not require an installation, it simply plug into the vehicles accessey socket. Hard wired requires connection to the vehicles fuse box or power supply.

Trackers - OBD tracker dose not require an installation, it simply plug into the vehicles accessey socket. Fleet & 1204 trackers are hard wired and require conection to the vehicles fuse box or power supply.

Please allow 3-7 working days for delivery.

Before returning any equipment, please call and obtain a RMA number and Return address.

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